RIP Brian 'Bic' Healey – last family link to the factory

| 23 Apr 2014

Brian Healey, known universally as 'Bic', died peacefully – with his family and beloved dog by his side – in Cornwall earlier this month.

Born in 1925, The youngest son of Donald initially resisted the lure of the family firm, but joined after the introduction of the Healey 100 just as the company entered its most exciting and successful era.

During his time with the DHMC, Bic served in several roles including PR, race-team management and as sales director.

He helped found the Healey Drivers' Club and remained its president, while hosting annual events and often being seen in his beloved 'Frogeye' Sprite.

Bic also launched Healey Marine, opened a fruit farm and ran a wine bar.

Before joining the DHMC, Bic had trained as a baker and confectioner – appropriately, because the childhood nickname that stuck with him his entire life was derived from his love of biscuits as a toddler.

Bic also earned an Arctic Star for bravery while serving in the Royal Navy in WW2.

He suffered a broken hip in a fall earlier this year and later contracted pneumonia from which he sadly did not recover.

He is survived by his wife of 60 years, Mary, and three children.