Aussie 'Hill' attracts variety

| 1 Mar 2011

Machines ranging from pre-war specials to early '90s single-seaters had a stab at the Noosa Hillclimb - better known as 'The Hill' - from 13-14 November 2010.

The well-known Aussie historic event, with its 14-corner, 1.5km challenge up the scenic Gyndier Drive in Queensland, saw Japanese makes battling it out with Aussie and American V8 iron.

Warwick Hutchinson set the FTD of 53.99 secs in his '92 Van Diemen, while John Golden made 63.72 secs in his '80 Holden Commodore. A '26 Lea-Francis special was the fastest pre-war at 72.8 secs, piloted by Warren Webb.