Holden on all the way from Peking to Paris

| 1 Mar 2011

10,000 miles. 36 days. A 47-year old Holden and a 78-year old man. Over treacherous unmade Mongolian roads.

Still, he made it. Aussie Gerry Crown was the hero of the Peking to Paris Motor Challenge, which began in the Chinese capital on 10 September and ended with a parade down the Champs-Elysees on 16 October.

When the Chinese authorities declared Crown too old for a driving licence, he instructed navigator Matt Bryson to drive to the Mongolian border, where he took the wheel of his '64 Holden EH, going on to win the Classic (pre-'68) class.

Only 12 of the 98 vehicles made it. "It was the hardest event we ever staged," said Philip Young of The Endurance Rally Association.

Charles Bishop's Vauxhall 80-98 triumphed in the Pioneer (pre-'26) class, while Steve Hyde pushed his '38 Chevrolet 'Fangio' Coupe to victory in the pre-'41 Vintageant class.