Saloons star on the Algarve

| 1 Mar 2011

On the last lap of the Algarve Historic Festival's U2TC race, Simon Hadfield, having climbed all the way from 23rd position to first in Leo Voyazides' Lotus Cortina, changed up on the back straight... and the lever came off in his hand.

That left victory to the Andy Wolfe/Rob Hall Cortina, with the BMW 1800Tis of Andrew Smith/Alasdair McCaig and Richard Shaw/Jackie Oliver taking second and third respectively.

Frustrated though they must have been, Hadfield and Voyazides still recorded the fastest lap time of the event, at 2 min 16.9 sec, and still beat Chris Beighton's Mustang with their Falcon in the big-banger saloon race.

Rob Hall scooped two wins driving one of Abba Kogan's pair of Matra MS670s. Unfamiliar with the rolling start, Hall worked hard for the first win. The 3-litre V12 roared back from sixth, taking Kogan then a clutch of Lolas before overhauling leader Voyazides' T280. Sunday saw Hall leading from the start while Voyazides battled from eighth to second.

Also raced were a Williams FW07C, an Arrows A5 and McLaren MP4.