2007 SLR McLAREN (2007)




You loved monster stories as a child. Well, here's one that should make you shiver... with pleasure! Of course, I named the phantasmagorical Mercedes SLR McLaren, the manufacturer's ultimate supercar, born in 2004 after a long gestation period. This GT, which has become a real racing beast "for the road", is a tribute to the mythical 300 SL " gullwing ", which appeared in 1954.
Like its illustrious ancestor, the SLR adopts elytral doors that, once raised to the heavens, give you the green light for paradise. This dream supercar, entirely clad in carbon skin, inherits harmonious proportions with a strict two-seater cabin that is rejected behind a long, tapered hood. The latter, which accounts for almost 50% of the car's total length, is cut away as if to better slice through the air. The endlessly long, carnivorous muzzle with its double moustache is clearly reminiscent of the nose of an F1 car, while the sides of the front wings house generous side vents placed above large side exhaust outlets. Visual effect guaranteed!
And it's not just a designer's whim, because AMG's wizards have taken the 5.5L V8, to fill it up with a compressor and extract a staggering 626 hp of firepower! Unlike its direct competitors (Porsche Carrera GT, Ferrari Enzo), Mercedes chose to place this huge block in front. But it's centrally located just behind the wheels, in order to optimally re-center the masses. Of course, in order to control airflow as well as possible, the SLR benefits from all McLaren's aerodynamic know-how by inheriting a flat bottom that ends, at the rear, in the form of a streamlined extractor. Slipping into the cockpit, in carbon bucket seats stretched out with leather, you get into an exceptional car. Also, the presence of a 5-speed automatic transmission seems incongruous on a sports car of this caliber. Yet it's a technical imperative, as the titanic torque of 780 Nm obtained from 3,250 rpm left the engineers no other choice than to use a good old converter. There's still the marriage of stitched leather and carbon, omnipresent in the cabin, which is very successful, as is the driving position at ground level, which is truly perfect. Good thing, because the speedometer, which is graduated at over 360 km/h, leaves you breathless.
As is the starting procedure, which is confusing, to say the least. With the ignition switched on, you have to lift a trigger at the top of the gearshift lever... and press a button hidden underneath, like a Messerschmitt's machine gun controls! After all, it's a perfect match for the character of this asphalt fighter, as the SLR blasts you like a Mirage into the buckets at the slightest acceleration (0 to 100 km/h in 3.8"), all in a hell of a bang. Barely seven seconds more, and you're already a road racer of the worst kind above 200 km/h!
The strident compressor blows the storm as soon as you pass the 3,000 rpm mark. After that, it's just a matter of the right terrain (and a "big heart"!) to dare to be on the safe side of the 334 km/h announced. Of course, accelerating at full throttle requires a good dose of humility (and skill), even on dry ground, as the rear wheels tend to "sit on the spot" if you suddenly release all the available power. ESP is a welcome addition to this propulsion system. The exhilarating accelerations make you "smile" with each throttle. Of course, a shooting star is beautiful, even spectacular, and it goes very fast. To calm things down, you can count on a removable spoiler as an airbrake, and huge ceramic discs delivered as standard, always full of bite and very durable. It's enough to really feel like you're "dropping anchor" in the asphalt when braking hard!
Finally, the Mercedes SLR McLaren SLR is superb and has a powerplant brimming with energy capable of outstanding performance. Are you convinced?
Delivered new in May 2007 to Gildo PASTOR-PALLENCA in Monaco for his birthday, he will sell our car in 2011 to its second owner M.Maurice EUSTACHE de DOLE: emblematic boss of the Radio Fréquence Plus group. It is in October 2014 that the current and last owner acquires it, with the firm intention to use it for long distance trips: Norway, Eastern Europe, our SLR travels Europe with greed. Perfectly maintained, all regular maintenance of our SLR has been done exclusively in the Mercedes network and more particularly in the dedicated SLR Service Points. With a total of 45,000 km, the car will be serviced before delivery to its new owner, in order to bite the bullet.

   25/04/2007 Date de 1ere mise en circulation
   Premier propriétaire : Gildo-Pierre PALLANCA-PASTOR immat MC
   10/03/2008 Mercedes Nice révision : 1571km : 3600€
   07/01/2011 Vente a M.EUSTACHE (Dole) Patron de Radio Fréquence plus immat en F
   26/04/2011 Révision : 5000km 7580€
   26/04/2011 CT 5141km
   10/05/2012 Mercedes Meryrin (Suisse) révision : 11433km 2394CHF
   09/07/2013 Mercedes Chenove travaux divers (roue/peinture parechoc) : 13130km 3644€
   12/05/2014 CT 13253km
   13/05/2014 Mercedes Chenove révision : 13150km  2200€
   18/10/2014 Vente a actuel propriétaire
   27/01/2015 Peinture 1 jante : 17658km
   17/12/2015 Mercedes Stain Grosse révision 29115km 13500€
   26/05/2016 CT 32901km
   10/06/2016 Mercedes Stain remplacement Xenon 32900km 384€
   06/10/2018 CT 41971km
   10/11/2018 Atelier Mercedes Revision 3000€
   10/05/2019 Peinture 1 jante 43323km
   Kilométrage actuel 45375km
   Housse / Carnet / livre de bord et manuel / écrou antivol / Double de clef

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  • Mileage: 45
  • Year: 2007
  • Doors: 2
  • Body type: Coupe
  • Transmission type: Semi Automatic
  • Fuel type: Petrol
  • Colour: Grey

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