2-door saloon.

Volvo's long-lived fastback, first seen in 1944 as PV444 prototype three years before PV444 enters production; all-coil springing, and always drum brakes. In PV544 form window, Amazon-style dash. Initially available as three-speed 60bhp Standard and Special I, four-speed Special II, and 85bhp (twin SU) four-speed Sport. From August '61 given 12-volt electrics and 1.8 litre engine: 75bhp for three-speed Favorit/Special and 90bhp (later 95bhp) for Sport. Survives in chassis-based Duett estate form until 1969.

Technical Specifications
1583cc/1778c (S4 OHV)
Front engine, rear-wheel drive
Production dates
1955 to 1961
Number produced
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