Famous police Daimler SP250 to be sold

| 17 Oct 2011

One of the most familiar cars on the British classic scene is to be sold at auction next weekend.

Thanks to its fascinating history – and more recent starring role as a Goodwood Revival course car for the past 13 years – more enthusiasts have seen this particular Daimler SP250 than just about any other classic.

In period, 1962 to be precise, it caused a huge stir when London's Met Police took on the 130mph, 140bhp sports car to counter "road hogs and ton-up hooligans".

One superb tech aspect was that, even though the Dart was an auto, it had a cable-operated device that meant the driver could hold intermediate gears for longer during a chase.

The Met Police eventually shelled out for 26 Darts and 670 ELL was retired from service after five years on duty. It has been with its current owner for the past 32 years.

The Dart – which still has much of its original police equipment including its Winkworth bell – has an estimate of £30-35,000 and will be sold by Historics ay Brooklands on Saturday 22 October.