National Austin Seven Rally heads to the National Motor Museum

| 14 Mar 2013

Hundreds of Austin Sevens are expected to attend the 51st National Rally that will be held at Beaulieu on 7 July.

The meeting is expected to attract thousands of people from around the world as they compete for Best in Show, which last year was won by Mervyn Hoyle’s fabulous van – an exact replica of the one used by his parents for their grocery business during WW2.

While Sevens make up the core of the event all pre-1973 vehicles are eligible to join in.

This summer it will feature a spectacular display of trials cars on the banking around the central arena, with passenger rides up for grabs, and there will be a strong Gallic flavour thanks to the Tacot Club from Calais.

For more information visit the 750 Motor Club’s website.