Aussie pensioner aims to cross the US in just 60 hours in a 1930 Ford Model A

| 23 Aug 2013

An intrepid Aussie pensioner is planning to set a new world record by crossing the United States against the clock in a 1930 Ford Model A.

Queenslander Rod Wade's trip from New York to California will pay homage to to H Nelson Jackson and Sewall K Crocker's pioneering coast-to coast journey 110 years ago.

Wade and co-driver Michael Flanders plan to complete the 3000-mile epic in just 60 hours, travelling through 10 states en route.

They will mark the start of their non-stop journey, which begins on Columbus Day (October 14th) by filling a bottle with water from the Atlantic Ocean, just off Staten Island. The water will then be poured into the Pacific Ocean when the team arrives at Venice Beach, Los Angeles. That’s when the clock will stop

The Model A, nicknamed the Tudor Rose, has some pedigree, having just completed the Peking to Paris Rally.

Wade, 70, said: “Its symbolic that our adventure starts on the same day as Christopher Columbus and his discovery of the New World is celebrated. We hope this great explorer will be looking down on us as we embark on an incredible journey through this beautiful country.”

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