Churchill's wartime Daimler up for sale on ebay

| 25 Apr 2013

A Daimler DB18 Drophead Coupé that was used by Sir Winston Churchill from 1944-’49 is up for sale on eBay for mammoth money currently at £254,000 – 10 times what most DB18 Dropheads cost.

Expected to reach around £500,000 by the time bidding ends on Monday, it is thought to be the only one left of its type.

The Daimler features coachwork by Carlton Carriage Co. and was used by the Prime Minister towards the end of WW2 and during his election campaign in 1945, before moving on to owners in the US, Germany and even an Iranian prince.

Chassis number 49531 has been restored at a cost of more than £170,000 and carefully preserved since.

It features Jaeger instruments, green leather seats and is fitted with a fluid flywheel mated to a preselector gearbox – which allows the car to sit at a standstill in gear and set off in top – worm drive and mechanical brakes.

The historic drop-top is up for grabs on eBay Germany after its owner, who had intended to auction the car with Historics at Brooklands, died unexpectedly.