Maintaining the status quo in the stable

| 31 Dec 2012

As we polish off the remnants of the turkey curry and contemplate our final evening of over-indulgence ahead, I’ve been mulling over my old-car plans for 2013. And do you know what, for once in my classic life I find myself curiously content.

So the key New Year’s resolution is to try to give up my tendency for amateur wheeler-dealing and not to buy anything this year.

No, my cars aren’t very exotic – I never thought I’d be a two-MG man, for a start – and there are always areas one could improve (the below would be a perfect set, but it’s a wee bit out of reach). For example, I still have to scratch the American-car itch properly – my affair with a ’67 Cougar was all too brief and I need to own another 289 V8 one day – and I’ve never owned a vintageant or a straight-six, both huge gaps in my motoring career.

Yet I somehow feel very comfortable with owning the three classics I do, and a big part of that is down to the familiarity and relative simplicity of the cars I own. Hell, two even share (almost) the same engine – MGs Magnette and BGT. The other, my everlasting resto project Suzuki SC100, is the fourth I’ve owned over the past dozen years.

The ‘fleet’ as it is today covers plenty of bases – and I’m fairly confident that I can fix all of them when they go wrong (ahem, with a little help from my friends). The very fact that the fast-ageing modern is blocked in and gathering cobwebs says it all.

Of course, the elephant in the room in all of this is the MoT man – and yes, I shall be submitting the Magnette (below) for a test, even though the DfT has inexplicably decided that it no longer needs one. The length of the list on the fail sheet will decide the BGT’s future, yet even if it goes I rather think I’d like another.

And what of the rest of the motley Our classics crew: who will join me in this resolution, and who will break it first? I’m not counting Martin Buckley in this, of course, because Stroud’s answer to Arthur Daley changes cars more often than he changes pants. I reckon that Mr Evans probably ought to be exempted as well: that long-lusted-after DS is probably a few years away yet.

So who’s next, and what will they buy?