Small screen stardom for C&SC

| 6 Jun 2011

Colleague Daniel Norman got me going on this one when he got rather excited while watching BBC4’s award-winning The Night Shift the other day.

Not because he was so thrilled by the content – although I’m told it’s very good – but because he spied an old copy of Classic & Sports Car lurking in the corner of a scene in this sitcom about the dysfunctional staff of a service station. Look, there it is below; bottom left of picture.

For the gnomes among you, it’s the September 2006 issue, which would have been fairly current when the show was first aired in Iceland in 2007.

Just a day or so later, reader Paul Bowen continued the theme by mailing us a screen-grab (excuse the poor quality) from ’90s crime drama Spender.

It seems that Geordie Jimmy Nail’s detective character had good taste in reading matter, as proven by this shot of him aboard a train (one of the rare occasions that he is not accompanied by his faithful Ford Sierra Sapphire RS Cosworth).

This time it’s the May 1990 issue, featuring a Porsche 356 and 911 Speedster back-to-back.

There have been numerous other sightings of C&SC on the telly over the years, including, oddly, an advert for Uncle Ben's rice, and you can keep your eyes peeled for another outing for our famous ‘wings’ in a certain mainstream UK medical drama later in the year.

In the meantime, if you have spied a copy of C&SC on the small (or big) screen, please let us know, or better still, post your pics!