Careful with that needle, Eugene

| 2 Nov 2011

I suspect that the majority of us own, or have owned a piece of clothing branded with the badge of a favourite classic. I’m not  suggesting that you went out and bought it yourself – Christmas and birthdays provide an excellent opportunity for friends and relatives to wrap up any old tat just because it happens to have a Porsche logo on it and, either out of politeness or pride, you will wear it.

Of course, the caps, fleece, t-shirt and embroidered handkerchiefs are actually an easy way to demonstrate your enthusiasm for a marque – hopefully you have the badge attached to an actual car in the garage as well, but for the purpose of being out in public and nailing your colours to a mast, that isn’t necessarily essential.

However, there are enthusiasts and there are devotees, those who take their passion to the next level and whose actions would probably make most of you wince. Yep, I’m talking about the dedicated few who are prepared to be scarred in order to show their undying love.

Admittedly, this topic may well be as far left as it can be from C&SC's core demographic, but I bet there are still a few of you who are prepared to wear your heart (or your favourite car badge), on your sleeve – well, under it to be precise.

Yep, for years it has been acceptable to have the name of your wife/husband/partner tattooed on a region of your body, but this can sometimes backfire. After all, people change and relationships go sour. But what if you decide to play safe? Forget paying to have the name of your soulmate scratched into your skin and opt for the real love of your life instead: after all, you’re never going to fall out of love with your chosen marque are you?

I should actually point out that I am not averse to tattoos. I might even have been a glutton for punishment a few times myself. It has even crossed my mind that there are certain car badges that would look great as a permanent fixture – just imagine a whole collection of logos from everything you’ve ever owned! It would be the walking equivalent of most people’s model cabinet, although having a swap around might be a little more difficult than merely rearranging the shelves.

No. I think I will stick to collecting slightly less permanent reminders of my passions. After all, no matter how devoted you are, sometimes they will still come and go. But hats off to those prepared to undergo the ultimate transformation – just make sure the tattooist can spell: being permanently labeled a Crapi enthusiast may not be what you had in mind…