Delving the dearth of decent Scimitar models

| 13 Mar 2012

I appear to have scored an own goal, shot myself in the foot as they say. As someone who normally pounces straight on eBay, scours car boot sales and trawls through model catalogues, I find myself at a bit of a loss after my last classic purchase.

The problem? The world appears to be bereft of Scimitar GTE models. I know! Contain your shock because I could hardly believe it myself.

Over the years, the acquisition of a new full-sized vehicle has brought with it the opportunity to clear a shelf in the model cabinet and fill it with smaller replicas of  my latest drive.

So far though, my hunt for anything to do with the SE5 has proved uninspiring and fruitless. In fairness, there are a few out there (well, three that I can find), but none hit the spot.

Oxford Diecast comes close with a 1:76 in various shades, but they’re a bit, well, small.

Corgi produced several versions of the Ogle Scimitar, but mine is rather lacking in
surplus rooftop glazing so forgive me, but I’m not that interested.

Then there is the Pathfinder 1:43. It starts so well – it’s an SE5a like mine and there is
even one for sale on eBay at the moment in a spookily similar shade of blue. The problem? It’s going to set me back over £300, and that's half what I paid for the car in the first place!

Annoyingly, SE6 owners are slightly better catered for, but I don’t own a 6 so that just makes me more mad.

For once it appears that I might just have to be content with actually owning and driving the real thing rather than having shrunken versions gathering dust at home.

It’ll be tough to accept and it’s an odd concept, but it might just catch on.