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As well as motorcycle covers we also offer a fantastic range of covers to fit your van or Car. Our covers fit come in either the solar powered design or if you would prefer we also supply standard covers. Both designs are a great investment if you want to maintain the paintwork of your car and be without worry wherever you go. Although the solar powered cover has the benefit of being able to charge your battery both designs are equally as resilient to weather elements due to the heavy duty material used therefore if you feel you are better suited for a standard cover you won’t be missing out on quality. These covers are the perfect solution to prevent minor damages caused by bumps and scrapes and if you often take your car away for events or a long weekend you are likely to appreciate the compact design making them easier to pack away into the boot. The covers are made with a heavy duty and fleece line material and available in a range of colours. The amazingly lightweight design is guaranteed to keep your vehicle completely dry as the material is 100 % waterproof however remains breathable allowing any condensation on the inside to dry throughout the day.