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Berlinette Boy
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Can anyone remember which issue of C and SC had the 50 or more best motoring books to own? Or what's your top 50 classic/ old motor book list? I have a few but want to buy more, but the are a bewildering array on offer, your recomendations would be appreciated, especially on Alfa Romeo

Mario Laguna
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Hello Berlinette,
Engineer Wifredo Ricart was head of projects at Alfa Romeo from 1936 to 1945 and did a few advanced projects such as the fabulous 1939 mid-engine 512. Then, in 1946, Ricart went to Spain to design the most advanced car of the '50s, the Pegaso Z-102, produced by ENASA from 1951 to 1956.
Although only the Spanish version is available, I guess I can recommend my book La aventura Pegaso.
See Classic & Sports Car, June 2006 and June 2007.
A few comments from GB, US and AUS readers:
Larry Bauer: “I can safely say that your work certainly exceeds my expectations"
James Clarke: “My wife ordered the book today for my Christmas gift. I cannot wait to seeing it.“
Chris Coios: “I am very pleased with the book. I like the graphic clarity and organization. Browsing the pictures is most enjoyable. I look forward to studying them at leisure. I am very happy to have this book and I compliment you on a fine effort.“
Esther Hofman: “The book was a present for my husband. He likes the book very much and he is very pleased with it.“
Stefan Ittner: “Your book arrived today, it is beautiful!“
Jaap ter Linden: “What a splendid book it is. I already started learning Spanish. It will keep me off the streets this summer.“
Douglas Martin: “The wonderful book is a simply outstanding result of one man's considerable effort. I will spend many hours enjoying the many beautiful pictures of more Pegasos than I ever knew existed!“
Bruno Meier: “The book arrived today and I have very much enjoy it. The individual car stories are so fascinating.“
Hans Navest: “My compliments for the lay-out of your book. I have appreciate the miniatures and the bibliography too!“
Herman van Oldeneel: “Nice stories and pictures. Well done. There is a lot of new material in it so I am very happy with the book.“
Niels-Erik Pedersen: “Thank you for a very nice book.“
Simon Taylor: “It is an important piece of work for all who love the marque Pegaso.“
Chris Martin: "I'll second that. I had to sharpen up my Spanish but it is worth it".

Chris Martin
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I'll second that.  I had to sharpen up my Spanish but it is worth it.

The books by Simon Moore are the essentials for the classic Alfa 6Cs, but I don't know what to recommend for later models.

My top fifty would have to include Conway's Bugatti bible, and Cord 810/812 The Timeless Classic by Josh B. Malks.

Then I would add Georgano's Encyclopedia as a must have.

Or for a general overview by the best writers covering all marques, a complete run of thirty-plus years of C&SC mag's and a fifty year run of Automobile Quarterly serves me well (but that would total a lot more than fifty books).

Chris M.


James Elliott
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We have done several articles along those lines over the years, but to my mind the best was probably the one in the April 1999 issue.

Of course, you have to bear in mind that that one is missing the past decade's worth of new publications, many of which are superb.

Mario Laguna
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Chris, thank you for your kind remarks.
At the moment, I am reading the fascinating Dino Compendium by Matthias Bartz (C&SC Book of the Month and Favourite Year Book), really outstanding, and also, in spite of being a 2002 edition, I recently got a copy of Abarth - The Man, The Machines, by Luciano Greggio, interesting for all Italian cars' lovers.

Berlinette Boy
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Thank you James, but I was sure that you had compiled a list of the 50 or 100 motoring books you considered to be the most essential, published in the magazine in the last 24 months or so, or, am I dreaming?

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Good Morning from the US:  I've collected lists of motor books for years and use them as checklists for my own library.  The one I like the best is called THE MOTOR CAR: AN EXHIBITION  by L.T.C. Rolt.  This is an exhibition catalog listing 229 motoring books which was put on in 1958 by The National Book League in London.  It has interesting items from the dawn of motoring up to the late 1950's.  Just finding out about the titles of these early books is a job in itself and makes forming a library a great experience.  HAPPY MOTORING, Dave.