All Fords Day - Sydney Australia July 31st 2011

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All Fords Day is an annual get together of all the various Ford clubs to put on a display at the Easten Creek Raceway in Sydney's western suburbs. Alway a good turn out, and a good mix of American and British Fords aswell as local varieties. I thought I would share a few photos here.

a 1911 Model T


A locally bodied '23T


A restored Model A


A nice '32 B


A '34 DeLuxe Coupe


Anglia Tourer


Anglia 8 Tourer


And a dressed up 105E Anglia


British Capris


Australian built Customline


'51 F100


'56 F100

More to follow,

Chris Martin


GreaseMonkey (not verified)

A few more photos;

LHD Falcon convertible


Historic Falcon racer


'64 Galaxie Country Sedan wagon, like my old one, but without the fake wood.


More Galaxies


'70s Falcon racer


GT350H Mustang Shelby Hertz rent-a-racer


Late Mustnag Shelby


Anyone seen a Mustang Ute before?


I have already declared my love of Thunderbirds elsewhere on this forum, so indulge me again.

Late model RHD T-Bird


The Fabulous Thunderbirds.


Chris Martin

Chris Martin
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Blimey!   There's more.

A bit of Blue Oval indulgence.

The Cortina was sold here with a 4.1 straight six, must have been a bit of a squeeze and it probably did nothing for the handling too!

Concours judges inspecting a T, more on this one another time, it's not all it seems.

This Mexico still had it's UK plates behind the NSW club rego'.




Chris Martin
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And more.........

Nice Ranchero

They let rods in too, well the nice ones anyway.

Torino GT

Paul Dumbrell's V8 Supercar Falcon.