Cadwell Park VSCC Meeting 2012

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Piers Cooper
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I went to the VSCC meeting at Cadwell Park at the weekend. The crowds were much better than last year! Did anyone else go? What did you think?

I made a video of the day if anyone would like to see:

Vimeo: (Best quality)


Did anyone take pictures or video? I'd love to see.


Kind regards,

Piers Cooper

James Elliott
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Loved it Piers. Really summed up a VSCC meet. We have shared it on Facebook so hopefully you will get a few 'hits'.

Please let us know about any other films you do.

Dougal Cawley
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Great film. 


Mark was almost right in thinking Thunderbug was the best car there, but he forgot of course that Piglet was there

Dougal Cawley