Car SOS - Thursday 7th Feb

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Hi Everyone,

You may remember me posting in here last year looking for nominations for an upcoming car restoration programme. Well I am delighted to announce that Car SOS series 1 will begin broadcast at 8pm on Thursday 7th on the National Geographic channel.

The basic premise is that we find owners of classics, who due to some adversity in their lives, have been forced to take their beloved classic off the road. With the help of their friends and family we then secret the car away, fully restore it and then return it without their having ever known it was gone. It's all about love for classics and realistic recommissions rather than bling and fake valuations.

I hope you will give it a watch and find it more enjoyable that certain C5 productions which I shan't name :)

The advert has started running on Sky and the website should go live on monday

Hope you will be kind enough to give it a watch and spread the word if you like it.


James Elliott
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JBRP wrote:
t's all about love for classics and realistic recommissions rather than bling and fake valuations.

Can't imagine what programme this might be obliquely referencing.

Anyway, good luck with the programme: I will certainly watch with interest, and with my fingers crossed that it is the proper enthusiast programme that I have been waiting so long for.

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Dear JBRP,
My husband and I watch Car SOS and enjoy it very much. Every time we watch it I think about my Mum's 1965 MGB roadster that has not move for about 10 year. She has had a hard time nursing her terminally I'll husband who unfortunately lost his battle last year. I would love to see the happiness that a restored Bee would bring her. I have looked to see how to enter her in for the next series but I can not find any links. I would really appreciate and help you could offer.

Kind regards

Hayley Babot