Collecting automobilia

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Chris Martin
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There have been previous threads on here about what do people hoard, but I prefer to call it collecting. I have a room I call the library, but my wife calls it the junk room, so maybe I am just a hoarder after all. Apart from shelves of car related books, there are a lot of old brochures, some mascots and badges, and a few old Corgi and Dinky toys that I justify as 'collectable' these days.

Somewhere else I had already stated my interest in American cars, but I have a peculiar liking for the oddballs and lesser known makes.

Here are a few; a Dinky Hudson and the company brochure from 1950;

then there is the Corvair from Corgi and a couple of brochures;

and following Graeme Hurst's reports from Pebble Beach and the Concours D'Lemons I dug out an original 1975 brochure for AMC including a Pacer that looks suspiciously like the concours winner;


Well, no excuse for all this really, except I have all this junk, so I may as well share it.

More to come I don't doubt.



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I must confess to a bookcase filled with mine and father's car books, models of all the sports cars I've owned and badges from various car clubs I've been lucky enough to attend. I don't think of it as collecting; merely the detritus of a life's happy driving.