Do you ever dream about classics?

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James Elliott
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I realised that I do, quite a lot. Only this weekend, I woke up after one particularly vivid dream, utterly convinced that I had bought Martin Port's Land-Rover from him for £1250, has just paid Martin Buckley £2000 for a Panhard Dyna (that was actually a Studebaker Golden Hawk) and had bought a rat-rodded Gordon-Keeble from Orleans Garage's Alan Fox for £14,000.

Feel free to try and interpret it if you like, and to share your own classic-related nightmares!

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A Laverda Jota kept cropping up in my dream last night. I think my subconscious is telling me to buy one.


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One dream I had was driving a GT40 that was quite a few years ago.

An occuring dream is getting the old Mini van which was my second car. Bright orange 850cc with the usual rust. The dream is getting it prep'd for MOT passed and taxed. Then I drive it all around home down in Berkshire, the thing is I had the car back in Stoke-on-trent, never here in the south.

It all started since I saw an Orange Minivan at The Bull classic Sat in Standford Dingley a couple of years back.

Really miss that car, the MOT's were a challenge with many late nights patching the thing together.

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