Fiat 500s posing for photos

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Chris Martin
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Martin Port's blog story on his Fiat 500 had a nice photo of the Bambino posed next to the Mini. Coincidentally, in the latest (September) C&SC, page 175, there is the tale of David Watts driving one back from Italy to Scotland including a photo of it next to his Bentley. This reminded me of an old faded snap I took when I had my '55 Oldsmobile. We could have parked in the boot of the Olds! Sorry about the quality, those old Instamatics weren't too good in the day, and the print has suffered with age too.  Anyone else got any amusing Fiat 500 pics?



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My '68 500F in Savannah, Georgia. Talking to the guy in the motorhome, the auxiliary power unit's 1200cc...

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No chance of doing an engine swapesea la Imp?