goodwood revival

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No need to shout old chap, anyway so we can look forward to all those snaps you promised....

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Having attended several festivals and revivals I have to comment.

I cannot beleive that they can boast it was the best revival ever. Is that from a profit point of view?

Four of us travelled early on the Saturday to make sure we missd the traffic. We were less than 2 miles from the circuit at 8.55 but it took nearly two hours from there to finally get in to try and watch some racing.

The "stewards" organising the traffic were inept at best, there were to many people attending and we all left before the end to avoid another two hours of tedium.


As for the questionare they sent, was that a very thinly diguised marketing effort!


I and my friends will not be going back.  


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I went to goodwood revival last year - didn't go back this year. I went to the silverstone classic on Friday and had a wonderful time. You can walk ANYWHERE. Try standing in the pitlane as the Lola T70s come in for driver changes at goodwood - it'll never happen.

All that's needed is for gentlemen to start wearing tweed caps and leave the fleece at home, and the revival will be obsolete to any proper old car fan.

Oh, and thank you to C&SC for their little hospitality tent behind the pits. It was the best place to stop and get coffee and a bun.