Infant/toddler car seats

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Does anyone know of a way to adapt the classic style seatbelts to work on a modern carseat?  I'm sick of making a ton of trips to car shows (we take 2 1968 cars - a Mustang and a Buick). 

Thanks :)

James Elliott
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Do you mean static seatbelts rather than inertia reel? 

If so, with some patience and trial fitting, you can adjust them to be the right length when child and seat are in place, but the truth is it is safer and easier to replace the belts with inertia reels.

I have tried like hell to make lap belts work with all manner of child seats and, although you sort of can, not in a way that I would be happy for my children to travel for any distance.

Not a plug because I am sure there are plenty of alternative companies, but Quickfit SBS has done all my kiddie-friendly seatbelt conversions over the years and I have always been impressed and delighted with the quality (and thoughtfulness) of the work.

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I'll run this by my husband.  Thanks

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Interia real is the way to go, if only because most people no longer remember how to adjust static belts apart from the better comfort and safety.  I've found the generic kits are not very good and so I fit belts from the Fiat Seicento or Punto to all my classics. Look for a car from about the year 2000, (before pretensioners were fitted)  loads in the scrapyards. They are small, look "period" work very well and so can easily be adpated to most classics. Most small Fiats in scrapyards aren''t accident damaged but iit is worth checking, interia belts should be replaced after a prang, but they aren't expensive to buy new from a Fiat specialist.