Is there such a thing as a decent reliable classis car WITH PAS !

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I already have a classic golf gti for my son which he loves but as he is learning to drive he is really struggling with the lack of PAS around the streets..

I have looked at just getting a standard manual car ( focus etc ) but the insurance is quite high with him included.. is there such a thing as an affordable classic ( sub £1000 ) which has PAS


Sorry for the dumb question....

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A Mercedes 190. Plenty about in your price range, many with manual trans. Should qualify for classic insurance too.


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Mk3 golf - I have one for sale, but its an auto. Unburstable car in the Merc W124 ilk.

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It’s not a dumb question... You might be able to find a late Mk2 Golf GTI with power steering. Lots of big-bumper Mk2s had PAS (both of the ones I owned, in fact) and (I think) all Mk2 16-valves, but it would be rough for sub-£1000 and you would struggle to find one that looks original – many of them have been modified and/or lowered and fitted with modern alloys that don’t suit them.

This one looks promising but has been lowered and there’s no mention of power steering. Might be worth a call though...

Good luck with the search!

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