Italian Job the best car movie ever?

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James Elliott
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So says a new poll from Honda. See here.

Here's their top 10:

1) The Italian Job

2) Grease

3) Blues Brothers

4) The Fast and the Furious

5) Thelma and Louise

6) Smokey and the Bandit

7) The Love Bug

8) Bullitt

9) The Cannonball Run

10) The French Connection.


So, no Ronin, no Devil Rides Out, no Fast Lady, no Vanishing Point and no endless others.

List your own top 10 here.

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I personally wouldn't have put Honda in my top three recomenders of Driving Movies. Come to mention it, have Honda's featured in any other than as a inferred role in the brilliant Grand Prix? Perhaps this is all to kick up a PR hoo-ha for the new Senna movie out in the big screen...

I digest. My top 10 (in no particular order) would be:

- Grand Prix

- Le Mans

- Ronin

- Vanishing Point

- Blues Brothers

- The Italian Job

- Gumball Rally (where I fell in love with AC Cobra's)

- The French Connection

- Cannonball Run

- Any number of James Bond movies...


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Vanishing point - it's good but it's not as memorable or re-watchable as "Two Lane Blacktop".  Warren Oates is astonishing in that movie, pretending to be a racer in a factory fresh Pontiac GTO.

Probably not as popcorn friendly as "The Italian Job" but to those of us used to wide open roads and empty landscapes it is far more satisfying than too-clever stunts and a shallow storyline.

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The intro for The Italian Job on Blu-Ray in 1080p is very nice.

Not seen any of the others in high def.

'85 928 S2

Valve Bounce
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I no particular order but here are ten that I like...
- American Graffiti
- Vanishing Point
- Mad Max
- The French Connection
- C'était un rendez-vous - short but perfectly formed
- Ferris Bueller's Day Off
- Le Mans
- Goldfinger
- Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!

- and Two Lane Blacktop - It always seems to get a pasting in C&SC but I'll endorse its watch-ability too. It's up there at 1 or 2 for me, and what a script...
"You recall that Ford with the 427 that we totalled out by Johnson City? I sorely miss the feel of that automobile. I polished that crankshaft so fine the cylinders whispered my name. That was more r.p.m. without bursting than any machine I ever knew, excepting, of course, old Top Gas back yonder. I stroked that 427 crank. It slipped right in and increased the stroke from 3.78 to 3.98. We used to cut the tree with that Drive King."

Simon Charlesworth
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Grease? Thelma & Louise? The Love Bug...?

Injustice, I scream, injustice! How can these, er, 'films' approach the superb drama, pace and quality car control that is abundant in the A35 van sequence in 'The Curse of The Were-Rabbit'?

Simon Charlesworth

Andrew Roberts
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Well of course the real list is:


'The Fast Lady'

'The Wrong Arm of the Law'

'The Blue Lamp'

'Hell is a City'

'The Challenge'

'The Sorcerers'


'Sweeney 2'






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I would agree with the above but believe the late Peter Yates(Bullit)film Robbery had a terrific 2 Jags chase innit. Sorry no 6/110 but a Vanden Plas R was the car the villains caused to crash beforehand and there was an A110 Westminster later on innit.

I think Spielberg's Dual was a great  chase too

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 Spielberg's Duel is probably the best film he has ever made, better than even Jaws I would say.

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A very fair comment from Trey. Duel is an excellent road movie full of suspense, drama and entertainment. A clear early indication of the genius of Spielberg

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Robbery.1966 film about the Great train robbery.1966 starring Stanley Baker.Tghere is a fantastic car chase with one of the hired robbers driving

a light Blue Metallic mk11 Jaguar being chased by a Police Woleseley 6/99.The film also shows some fab 60`s shots of London around the Barbican and Holborn.

Catch us if you can.1965.Dave Clark Five the 60`s pop band from Tottenham North London.Apart from the E-type roadster9still survives today)

some good car chasing between a Mini Moke and a Ford Zodiac MK111 Police car across the Devon countryside.