Just joined C&SC, what classic should I buy?

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Russell Campbell
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Thanks for the warm welcome, folks, and sorry for the delayed response. As I get up to speed on the news side of things you can expect my forum activity to follow suit.

And yes among the numerous typos of my last post was the glaring one of my £25,000 budget. As Oliver spotted the figure is sadly only £2500. These missed placed zeros could end up giving Elliot a heart attack, so I’d better be careful!

Now, you've all given me food for thought so I appreciate the response.

My new classic will be a weekend car. If the Volvo's taught me anything, it’s that running a car day-to-day is getting silly expensive with insurance, tax and MOTs, and the Green Goddess’ (that's the Volvo’s) seemingly endless thirst for fuel...

Unfortunately, she'll have to go, which is a real shame because it's a lovely car for long journeys with best-in-the-business comfy heated seats, smooth and sweet sounding five-cylinder engine and top-notch refinement. I even like the auto 'box despite it being bloody awful…But what I can't overlook is the wagon's complete lack of a wild side.

So it’s a car for special occasions and weekend blasts that I'm looking to get hold of. And currently it’s the 205GTI that is really talking to me, mostly because its got massive cool appeal for those in the know, and surely close to depreciation proof? And I could buy one without the misery of month's of saving…

The MGB fans out there are making a compelling case for ownership! Especially as I detect a faint offer of help from Elliot, not sure how long that’ll last when he realises quite how mechanically inept I am. I’d imagine some successfully completed hands-on maintenance would leave me with a large smile on my face though!

I’ve spent the last ten minutes (big thanks to PaulJ for the legal skive) looking at Triumphs and I must say I hadn’t considered one until now. They seem quite a bit more expensive than an MG?

Ultimately, as Elliott says, I need to get out and drive them, see which I connect with and take my decision from there. And as luck would having it I’m giving an colleague a run down to Dorking to pick up this:


And he has promised me a go! I will report back soon. Apologies for the typos, must dash!