Pebble Beach 2012 VIP tickets or not?

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      I've managed to talk my wife into going to the Monterrey Speed week this year. This will be the first time either of us have been to a classic event. My question is what ticket I should get for the concours at Pebble Beach on the Sunday. Has anyone on the forum been?

The ticket prices are $200.00 each for entry or a VIP ticket which is $600.00. Has anyone been before? is the VIP package worth the extra or am I really just paying for easier parking and lunch? 

As were unlikely to go every year I'd like to make the most of it. I know it will be fantastic however I don't want to spend all that more over the basic entry cost if it's not any better than the basic ticket.



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Last year I went to Pebble Beach and purchased the VIP pass.  Forget it, it is a rip-off!  You see, do, walk, and enjoy as much as you would with the so called "cheap" ticket. and do not get anything in exchange, except for a catering service (expensive meals), closer parking (useless if you take the shuttle) and a fancy looking pass holder (quite expensive if you realize how much you paid for it!).

Buy tickets to grandstands by Mario Andretti´s curve at Laguna Seca for Saturday, walk around the paddock a lot, it is worth every penny!


Do not miss the rally-drive to on thursday and walk about at Carmel-by-the -Sea streets for a close encounter with sunday exhibits.

Arrive early at nearby streets and walk to downtown area Ocean Avenue and stay all morning there. Do not waste time shopping, see the cars first, there will be plenty of time later to do the rest!

Book you dinner restaurants ahead of time ( check reservation services Open -Table), otherwise you will end up in famine!

Friday is all about Concorso Italiano, not to be missed!

In a two words: BUY BASIC!

Enjoy your visit, and take your wife along for the ride! Mine still talks about the experience.



Regards from Mexico City


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Seconded: if you are a first-timer take the normal pass. If you go, you like it and you want the extras that come with the VIP pass, get that next time.

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Not sure if I am going this year but I hope so really.. I never been and I heard so much stuff about this event, more than any others in Europe, Fingers crossed.

Do you know where youa re staying Roadster?