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This is why (from the forum rules):

"This is not the place to air your grievances about specific products or
services. You may call it having an opinion, but the law calls it libel
and it will be moderated or removed accordingly. If you do have a
substantiable beef with anyone in the classic car world, why not get in
touch directly, we are quite good at this stuff and will do everything
we can to help you. On the forums, however, we will maintain a very
strict no naming and shaming policy."

The reason we will apply this rigorously is that, in our experience, there are two sides to every story and around 7 out of 10 damaging claims made public turn out to be unwarranted once the damage has already been done. We simply do not have the time to investigate every singe one, so we will apply and maintain a blanket policy. As stated, however, anyone with a genuine beef is free to contact us privately and we will investigate and publish should wrongdoing be proven.

The C& team