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plastic penguin
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Online mag. Anything in the pipeline? Checked at my newsagents and your 30th anniversary edition is humongous. No probs under normal circumstances but Mrs. P has clamped down - my house is a 'Clutter Free Zone'.

She frowns at me buying WHFI S&V mags too, even a newspaper results in the ubiquitous wagging of the finger treatment (she's even found a naughty step for me).

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I was reading on line that they've launched the mag on the Apple Newstand as well. So you should be able to buy it through there. I hope that helps

Coventry Climax
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On a very similar note, I seem to remember that a few years ago the publishers of Motor Sport magazine were selling entire decades of back copies from the 1920s on in PDF form on CD. I for one would definitely buy the first 30 years of C&SC in a similar format if it ever became available.

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I agree with Coventry Climax, we should get a digital version of this special issue or the entire collection! I wouldn't mind paying for it as I am a big fan of the magazine, I just got the 30th anniverssary issue this morning and I was absolutely stunned by the size of this thing. It looks like a Bible or something!! lol I flicked through it and I can already feel it will be a good read, looking forward to it! Well done to the C&SC team!