Shameful neglect of motorsport heritage

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The unique banked circuit at Brooklands was built in 1907 and is widely regarded as the birthplace of motorsport and aviation.

M&S and Tesco were allowed to build their ugly stores on the site. The banked circuit had to remain intact with the 'giants' undertaking to maintain this historic icon. They haven't! 

It's a disgrace, left to weed over, untidy with rubbish strewn over it. They manage to keep their own car park well maintained, but have given up on a unique piece of national heritage.

Come on Tesco and M&S, do the right thing and get your maintenance team on the case.

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Would have been good to be able to read the item on 'Brooklands in disrepair' - but although the latest browser (Microsoft)  is in use seems 'soapbox' isn't satisfied with this and denies access...........not a great way to get support!

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The Soapbox link worked ok for me, but there is only one comment added you are not missing much.  So either others have had trouble getting it to work, or Soapbox does not attract much traffic anyway.  If the facts of this are correct, it needs more than an internet forum to get something done though, maybe C&SC can look into it ?

Chris M.


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Brand new here, so I'm not really sure whether or not I'm qualified to have an opinion, but one thing that
I will say is this; Tesco, M&S etc. may well have completely forgotten about
their promise to update and maintain this important heritage site, but surely
the local council wouldn't forget so quickly (assuming, of course, that they
were the people responsible for insisting that Tesco etc. become responsible
for maintaining the site....) Surely a letter to them would be the first port
of call; chances are they will take action themselves, if some sort of legally
binding contract isn't being upheld. 

If not, I guess you'd then have even more ammunition for the local tabloids; after
all, Tesco and the council would be neglecting maintenance of the site!