since when do you read c&sc

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Mario Laguna
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With 30th C&SC anniversary on sight I asked myself since when I read the magazine.

When I first read a copy of C&SC?
- More than 25 years ago.
When did I buy my first copy?
- Sometime between 1983 and 1985.
Can I prove it?
- I can prove I read C&SC since November 1988 (see bellow).

I would like to propose to all keen readers of C&SC try to answer these questions (and prove it).


My first and last C&SC copies.



Nuno Granja
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Good topic Mario,


I think that i started to read CSC in late 90's, but must chekc it at my  Oporto house archives.

nuno granja

Pre 80s TVR
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I bought my first classic, a TVR, in February 1986 and the June 1986 issue had a 7 page feature on the M series which is now sliced up and in my archive. So thats 25 years and 8 months by my reckoning.

I may have looked at earlier copies if my Dad had bought them, but he didn't really get into classic cars until I did.



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Red Spider
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nevermind dracula
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I would like to come up with the very first three mags that I bought back in 91.   How can I do attach them? The november 98 C&SC issue was the first one till today as a regular reader and subscriber.


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My dad had a copy he'd held on to for some reason unknown to me from around 1982. I must've been around 13 when he found it in a dusty box somewhere & gave it to me. It was my introduction to classic cars, although I remember circling a private ad in the back with crayon at some point. What car could have got me so excited that I had to deface this wonderful mag? ferrari 250? bugatti atlantic? fiat 8v? No, a delorean - however the real interesting bit was that it was rhd & very expensive iirc.

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I have been reading the magazine since issue 1 [and its predecessor] and still have every copy. Sad I know but there it is.

I am not ancient but started the hobby at an early age!  I have to admit to now enjoying the benefits of a modern car [XK8] for daily driving but whenever I drive my 3.8 E, which I have owned for 36 years, I always have a smile on my face - and tensed rectal muscles!!


Bruce Goddard

Mario Laguna
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I didn't know Old Motor was the mother, so to speak, of C&SC.
Found a copy of June 1979 at home, but I bought it much later because Vol. 1 No. 1 features a piece on Pegaso.

Mario Laguna
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Found Vol 1 No 3 (June 1982 issue) in Stuttgart (see bellow), paid a modest €1 for.
Now target is No 1 still missing in my C&SC collection.
First thing I noticed in No 3 was the cover price of 75p and the three-word "Classic and Sportscar" name the magazine bore at the time of its foundation.
I wonder when it first changed to "Classic & Sports Car", three words and a symbol, and why the word Sportscar split in two.


Chris Martin
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Yes Mario, Old Motor morphed into Classic & Sportscar in April 1982 and then Classic & Sportscar became Classic & Sports Car in November 1996. The then editor Gavin Conway made brief mention in his editorial, but I am none the wiser as to the difference.

Chris M.


Mario Laguna
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Thank you Chris, I shall look for that particular '96 issue and read Conway's comments.
I also whish the air cargo with your 30th Anniversary copy lands shortly in Australia.