Stars and Stripes at Prescott

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Chris Martin
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Regarding the newsfeed post about the recent Prescott meet, I was glad to see Ol' Yeller II made an appearance. I was always intrigued by this special and had long ago read about Max Balchowsky and his Ferrari baiting exploits.

I went to a historic race meeting at Eastern Creek last year with the aim of seeing this car in action and was lucky enough to be made welcome by it's current custodian Dr Ernie Nagamatsu. Powered by a 'nailhead' Buick V8 and looking pretty agricultural it was amazing to think it gave the stars a hard time at the old west coast race meetings of the fifties.

If anyone wants to read more, it is one of the great racing stories and well worth a Google search for Max Balchowsky, Ol' Yeller or Ernie Nagantsu to find out more.

on the track

in the garage

and I joined the Dr Ernie Nagamatsu fan club!

Chris M.