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The Austin /LeyandMaxi is no one's idea of a top Classic Car from yesteryear, 

I had spotted the Maxi en route £145, so got friend to run me back(in his Riva)and came away with a £130 pound barge.

It was not smooth and after a while found the brakes where going mushy-so i got a Servo from Gunn Hill breakers,on  visiting family in Dedham , fitted it and used a runbber seal of an old Kawasaki disc brake and suddenly the car was quite peppy, very smooth if not exactly a ball of fire, and even on unleaded(Leaded every 4th fill)it ran like a bird for another 4 years.A good 10 pound tuning tip

Unfortunately I had a nasty neighbour and he and presumably yobette seemed to attend to my old banger usually breaking wing mirrors off, and nearly causing me to hit a car on the A12, going to a charity show.

A nice fellow in the Southend club called himself Maximan, and used his late Dad's old but ultra low mileage and immaculate gold HLS, to take wife kids and Mum also on Norfolk caravan trips.At one Enfield pageant another friend with a Corsair was only going 1 day, so let me have his other day passes, and so I was with my Maxi, on an American car club stand(ok outback, and next to the Maxi owners club.They were almost beging MM to at least spend one day with them.

The American club asked if I would judge some cars at an East London Football Club, as a little kid had leukimia and it was for a trip to Florida Aqua World. I drove down from Suffolk only to be asked by the guy on the entrance,was I planning to bring that in? So I said yes I was there to judge the cars, maybe he didnt believe me as he suggested parking it outside, but relented saying if anyone asks you are restoring it-think he got that a bit about face. Strangewhen I went in there was but one American Car, with caravan, a nice Lotus Eclat, a Transit van from my estate, never taxed to my knowlege as always parked right on the corner, in grey primer, and before free tax was granted, a gold VDub.

Apparantly all the yank tanks decided to go to the more high profile Barkingside carnival.

My friendly neighbour(or whoesoever lovingly covered my old Maxi in paint and slashed the tyres, whilst I was in Harlow coronary unit). Admitedly I had bought a Humber Sceptre from an elderly couple down in Barling and was commuting in the Maxi to Southend to get away from nuisances/ to get car fixed up. However that and a Hubter estate I was given had to be scrapped but some other garage owning folk at Rochford provided a 125 quid Cortina with Tax and Ticket.

I got shot of my Daimler to get that of the roadside, and tok that to shows, sometimes to the chagrin of snooty folk, and said yobby as he couldnt conduct another CORTINA TYRE SLASHING SESSION.

Another 4 years passed before i could get shot of that gaff.He and slobette aparantly moaned to another neighbour about all the noise the buiders made, but maybe I had to sell at bargain basement level and when I heard they had been chucked out t'was a bit late in the day!

Before all that, like with the Maxi parked next to a Triumph Le Mans( the owner i asked if he minded and he couldnt have been more friendly showing me an album of restoration photos but leaving before getting his best of show trophy) went to having moved the West Burgholt show and the gate man asked if I wanted to come in, somewhat grudgingly, and again I parked with a Vintage, this time a lovely old 30s Wolseley Hornet.Well whatever I parked nest to it would always guarantee to make their's look better.