The interesting Farman A6A Super – Sport - We are looking for more Info

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David Greenlees
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The Farman 1923 A6A Super – Sport: This interesting streamlined design was built by the Farman company of France. was first introduced in 1919 at the Paris Salon. The model A6, carried with a 6.6 liter six – cylinder engine, with an ohc cylinder head driven by a vertical shaft and bevel gears and a stated 200 b.h.p. We have a very interesting post about it filled with photos. We are also looking for more info and photos, can you help??  See it all @


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Very cool car!

of incongruous to call it "streamlined" even by the standards of the
day? (although they faired the wheel spokes). More like early hotrod
"chopped & channeled"  From
flying interests I am aware of the Farmans' aviation company and
connections...Then again their aircraft don't look all that streamlined,

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Hey thanks for the post. I have been checking out for a few months now Highly addictive...

I have that pic saved, would like to see it with 4" or so taller back .....A hot rod with too much modern spice, loses it's traditional flavor.

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