Vehicle Registrations

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We are trying to highlight our government e-petition
and raise awareness to potentially gain further signatures for the cause.

Our petition is for old obsolete Vehicle
Registrations that have been scrapped/destroyed over the years be reissued for
sale to the general public. Doing this would benefit the buying public,
registration sale websites, registration enthusiasts and as well helping the
government raise money from the sales to fight the country’s deficit.

The more support the petition gains the more chance
of success and we hope you can help us raise awareness.

Online Petition Address -

“Re-Issue Old Vehicle Registration Number Plates for
Scrapped Vehicles After 5 Years

With the current economic climate anything that
generates money for the country has GOT to be a good thing. There is no reason
why old registration plates on vehicles that have been scrapped for more than 5
years, or plates that have NEVER been issued should not be re-issued. I propose
that ANY old plate should be made available for the public to buy. This would
generate literally MILLIONS for the treasury and would also help spin-off


Jack Saxon

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I agree this is a great idea and will sign the e-petition but the DVLA records are in such a mess, I can't see it would be workable.

I hope I'm wrong as this would be a great boost for little effort.