Wedding car hire

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Hi there!

We're looking to hire a car for our wedding day for transport to the church & evening reception venue and wondered if anyone on here could recommend a hire company or has a vehicle that they would be willing to hire out?

We'd be looking for a car that we'd be able to drive ourselves - ideally from the 60s / 70s (but happy to listen to any suggestions).  Examples of what we're looking for are Jaguar E-Type, Austin Healey 100/6, Triumph Stag, AC 428 Coupe......

The wedding & reception are in the Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire area.  We'd be driving it from home to the church (a couple of miles) and then onto the reception (another 5 miles or so) - driven by the father of the bride & the groom.

We've looked at some places that hire per 24 or 48 hours, which would be our preference, but have had trouble finding the cars we like, local to us.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks very much.

Andy & Natalie