what later car is most similar to drive to a Dino 246GT ? (also other classics)

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Few of us will be lucky enough to drive an exotic classic. Ive been wondering what later, more mundane car, most resembles the handling, feel and driving experience of a Dino 246GT( when driving fast on public mountain roads - not on racetracks, or motorways! By the late 1970's, it was dated in the sense that It was underpowered & undershod compared to later exotics, and an 80's Gti or 911 could probably outperform in many different ways, but would presumably feel so different to drive. Can anyone experienced whos' used to driving Dinos comment on what later car most resembles the sensation? (No guesses please from those who havent driven Dinos). If it amuses others, I'd also be interested to see what later cars  they'd compare to other exotics - Frazer Nash Le Mans Reps, Bugatti GP cars, or whatever interests them.

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Hi buzzfan. Probably the most interesting comparison is with the car that the Dino inspired, the Lotus Elise. it's only when you see the two together (as below) that you notice just how similar they are in proportions and detailing – albeit with the Elise being a lot smaller and lighter. The designer of the Elise, Julian Thomson, owned a Dino at the time, which is where the inspiration came from.

They share a fair amount in the experience, too: similarly delicious feelsome unassisted steering, nimble turn-in and exquisite balance. The Lotus can't really live up to the Ferrari for noise, though: the 1.8-litre K-series 'four' revs sweetly, but nothing comes close to that gorgeous quad-cam V6... but then it is a fraction of the cost, as you can see here

We've got a Dino story in the next issue of C&SC actually (on sale next Thursday), with a bargain rival from its own stable...


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I know which one I'd rather be driving on a bright Sunday morning...