What's the best car you've borrowed or been lent?

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I only mention borrowing or being lent a car as I been given Ken Rudd's 1954 AC Ruddspeed Ace owned by Steve Grey of AC Heritage.

It was on the AC stand at this years Geneva Motor Show back in March, and after the show I had a call from Steve to see if I wanted to look after the car unitl the weather was a little warmer as he wanted to drive it back through Europe. Well I couldn't really say no could I...so I'm happy to say the car is still here in Switzerland which meant this weekend I was lucky enough to drive the car to a local event called 'Vevey Retro 2011' which takes place in Vevey on the shores of Lake Geneva.

Vevey Retro was formed in 2006 and is open to all kinds of vehicle, from
cars, motorcycles, trucks and tractors manufactured before 1981. This
year there were over 620 vehicles on both days.

To cut a long story short the AC Ruddspeed Ace won 'Best of Show'....so I thought I would share a couple of photos from Sat and Sun.


1954 AC Ruddspeed Ace

1954 AC Ruddspeed Ace

Col O'Firth
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Very nice!

A particularly understanding chap once lent me his '71 Porsche 911 S in Paris. Was the first classic I ever drove. And very sporty it was too flooring it in first on the rue du Rivoli.

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A good friend of mine (well, he would have to be, wouldn't he?) regularly lends me his Aston Martin DB5 if I want to create a bit of an entrance somewhere. While it is a lovely old bus to drive and never fails to attract the desired attention, I actually prefer to drive a Series One E-Type that he also lends me but that does not have quite the same effect on bystanders. I was also lent an AC Ace once and it was probably the most exciting old car that I have ever driven. Genuinely quick and with amazingly good road manners. I have also been lent a 1980s Ferrari Testarossa but to be honest it was very hard work and made me feel a bit of a prat...