Ragtop Vauxhall in Australia as in May C&SC

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Chris Martin
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Jon Pressnell wrote about the Holden bodied Vauxhall Caleche in last month's C&SC which prompted me to dig out a few photos of other Aus' Vauxhall's I have seen.

This one was supposed to be a Wyvern, but I know most of the open models from late thirties and through to late forties are called Caleche.

There were also a few cool coupes;

And of course the Utes too;

The big powerful twenties Vauxhalls like the 30/98 were always popular here, but from the thirties on after General Motors had bought both Vauxhall and the Holden body builders, there a lot of shared designs and parts. What may be called a Vauxhall Hurlingham Roadster might look identical to a Chevrolet Roadster of the period. Post was, the two brands went their separate ways, with Holden's own car filling in the gap in the middle,

but that is another story for another day.

Chris M.