Looking for classic and sports car old issues, any amount local to shropshire

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andrew grimstead
Joined: 2011-12-12

I am looking for some issues of classic and sports car , but i dont drive,

if there is anyone local to shropshire, who can deliver , or i can collect,

please email me andrewgrimstead@hotmail,com

please give infor on where you are and how much you would like for them ,

many thanks


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Hi Andrew,

There are a couple of threads lower down with C&SC magazines for sale. Have you tried emailing these guys?

In any case, Best of luck with your search.

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Spencer Elton is best man for the job, he can be contacted on 07725172939.


I have a largish collection, let me know what issues you are after.


James Harris


andrew grimstead
Joined: 2011-12-12

thankyou very much , i lost my sccount details . so have only recently been back on