Radiator repairs & replacements

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Hey guys, I
needed a new radiator for my Austin Healey but couldn’t find one anywhere until
a friend told me about a company called “Ready Rads”. They provided a great
service, including collecting my Radiator and then delivering it back to me once
the repairs were finished.  I would
recommend this company to anyone who is in the same  situation I was :’). Their website is www.readyrads.co.uk if you use them ask
for Dave, he was a great help.

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I would suggest anyone with a spoilt radiator to just buy a new one instead of fixing it. If your car uses bad plastic-tank radiator, it might be irreparable at a radiator shop. Anyway, replacing your car’s radiator is easy, so I would suggest saving some money by doing the removal and installation yourself. There are plenty of tutorials online. If the issue is something more serious however, such as failed swirl flaps, then yes, get a professional to replace them for you.


Best regards / Peter Mould / pmwltd