Balky "B"

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John Stirling
Joined: 2012-06-26

I'm looking for some help with my '67 MGB Mark I.  Been a reliable and fun ride for the thirty years I've owned her, but lately, I've had trouble getting her started again after a ride.  Starts reasonably well, runs nicely and doesn't overheat while running, but won't catch again if I let her sit for any time after she warms up.  Once the temp is back to 130 or below, no problem.

Full disclosure: The care sat in the garage for about three years without much attention, same tank of gas.  I've drained and replaced that, added stabilizer.  Everything works well - except for this restart issue.  It feels to me like a vapor lock, but I'm not sure how that might occur or how to fix it.

Anyone out there solved a similar problem? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

John Stirling

John Stirling