iPod in a radioless MGB

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Eddie Parks
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Hi Guys

Is is possible to fit an iPod in a radioless 1964 MGB. I don't intend to fit even a retro radio but would like to play my iPod out from a speaker (or speakers) behind the original loudspeaker grill.


Eddie Parks

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Martin Port
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Hi Eddie

In my old MGB, I fitted a small power amplifier (that came out of a mate's Golf GTI) in the glove box. It was an old Technics unit I think. The connections on that meant that I could actually plug an iPod straight into the amplifier via a jack-to-jack lead. The only issue was that it still wasn't really loud enough as obviously it wasn't designed to be used as a single amplifier, but as a booster for the amp built in to whatever radio it was linked to. Better than nothing though. Pretty sure that now (13 years on), you could probably find something a little better than I had though!