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AUSTIN 10/4 (1935-36)

2-seater, tourer, Lichfield saloon, Sherbonne saloon, cabriolet.

Updating as per 12/6, ie painted radiator shells and projecting boots on four-seater bodies, though tourers don't get these till mid-'35. Four-light Lichfields oh 1936 recognisable by a more streamlined forepeak, but the fastback six-light Sherbone (Jan '36) is a transitional type pointing the way to the '37 shape. Just over 55mph, 35mpg, and 0-50mph in 40secs, but very, very reliable.

Technical Specifications

1125cc (S4 SV) 
Front engine, rear-wheel drive 
Production dates:
1935 to 1936  
Number produced: