2-door 5-seater hardtop coupé/convertible, 4-door saloon.

Largest and heaviest Chevrolets of all time. Vast machines built on 121.5ins wheelbase, with separate chassis and coil spring suspension at each end. Wallowy, rattly, vulgar by all European standards. Amazing value in USA as huge sales confirm, but no discernible sporting or investment value. The ultimate in grey porridge - but that is profitable in the USA. Became part of the standard-size 'Chevrolet model' range from 1971. Drastically down-sized for 1977 new model.

Technical Specifications
5001cc/5012cc/5737cc/6573cc/7440cc (V8 OHV)
Front engine, rear-wheel drive
Production dates
1969 to 1976
Number produced
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