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Tourer, 4-light saloon, 6-light saloon, 6-light fabric saloon, sports saloon, 2-seater drophead coupé.

Chromium plating, ribbon radiator shells and wire wheels - except on cheap 16/50 Imperials (1930) which have artilleries. Stromberg carburettors, Bendix brakes, Marles steering, coil ignition and mechanical fuel pumps feature, though '30 cars retain right-hand change. Central change in '31 along with downdraught carburettors, radiator shutters, and plated hubcaps. No fabric bodies after '30. Four-light saloon (some have landaulette backs) new for 1931.

Technical Specifications

2110cc/3498cc (S6 IO) 
Front engine, rear-wheel drive 
Production dates:
1930 to 1932  
Number produced:
6828 16/50