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LA SALLE V8 (1930-31)

7-passenger saloon, 5-passenger saloon, town sedan, phaeton, 7-passenger touring, coupé, sedanette cabriolet, sedanet.

In effect, a down-market Cadillac: in this case the '31 car is virtually identical to the 353 Cadillac. 134 ins wheelbase standard, as are spiral bevel final drive, three speed synchro 'box, mechanical brakes and hydraulic damping. '31 models had the larger engine, and like the Caddie there are bonnet doors instead of the '30 season's louvres. Very elegant bodies by Fleetwood and Fisher show Harley Earl influence.

Technical Specifications

5573cc/5840cc (V8 SV) 
Front engine, rear-wheel drive 
Production dates:
1930 to 1931  
Number produced: