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LOTUS ELAN +2S/+2S 130/+2S 130-5

2-door 2+2-seater coupé.

Gradually developed +2 family, all basically on longer-wheelbase/wider-track Elan-type chassis and running gear with small rear seats. Only built as a coupé (though some private enterprise made convertibles). Excellent road manners, beautiful styling, somehow more practical and less sporting than Elan itself. + 2S 130 had 'big valve' engine, and 130-5 had five-speed gearbox, which make these the best of all +2 Elans. Most +2s were not kit cars, which ensured a better build from new. An important car which helped establish Lotus as a quality car manufacturer.

Technical Specifications

1558cc (S4 DOC) 
Front engine, rear-wheel drive 
Production dates:
1969 to 1974  
Number produced:
5200 all +2 models