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MARENDAZ 11/55, 14/55, 14/125

Open 2-seater, open 3-seater, coupé.

Confusion worse confounded. Marendaz designation is complicated enough, but all these cars were called 11/2-litre as well. 11/55 is Anzani-powered, and good for 75mph. 14/55 was a straight eight, a Marendaz unit catalogued with overhead exhaust valves and side inlets, five bearing crank, and twin carbs. The full cantilever rear springing was unusual, other chassis features included double Hartford shockers all round, a 10 gallon tank, 114ins wheelbase for the 'eight', 104ins for the 'four'. 14/125 (we think) was the supercharged version of the 14/55, and it's probable that you could get a blown 11/55. All cars very pretty (like a short-chassis Aston International, but more attractive) with lovely Bentley-like radiator. Were any 'eights' actually made?

Technical Specifications

1496/1495cc (S4 SV/S8 EO) 
Front engine, rear-wheel drive 
Production dates:
1926 to 1930  
Number produced: